Membership acquisition procedure


In order to acquire membership in the Association, the person concerned (the Applicant) shall submit an APPLICATION to the Association (Annex No. 1)

The following documents shall accompany the Application:

  1. a) a duly certified copy of the document that confirms the state registration of the Applicant (an extract and/or a certificate of registration of the legal entity, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Organisations issued not later than 1 month preceding the date of filing of the Application)
  2. b) duly certified copies of the Applicant’s constituent documents (Articles of Association of the Legal Entity, Memorandum of Association, Taxpayer Certificate, Certificate of State Registration of Financial Institutions, etc.)
  3. c) a duly certified copy of the document that confirms the authority of the person signing the Application (minutes, power of attorney, etc.)
  4. d) a financial report of the Company for the year preceding the year of submission of the Application for Membership in the Association
  5. e) a duly certified copy of the license authorising the carrying out of insurance activities

f) a duly certified copy of the decision (minutes) of the authorised management body of the Applicant regarding the joining of the Association and/or other documents stipulated by the constituent documents of the Applicant